Wednesday Night Races (Annapolis, Maryland)

By Deirdre Tanton

Wednesday Night Races is a short-sleeve button-down shirt featuring Annapolis, Maryland local artist Deirdre Tanton's Annapolis Sailing print.

Deirdre depicts the Annapolis Yacht Club’s famous yacht races, a tradition dating back to the 1960s. 

Mayor button downs are handcrafted in Mississippi with breathable organic cotton fabric to provide you with a comfortable fit in every stitch.

Enjoy wearing one to your next graduation party, wedding brunch or relaxing afternoon by the pool.

"Like surfing and California, sailing and Annapolis are analogous.

I remember watching the Wednesday Night Races from the deck of my grandparent’s home atop the banks of the Severn River.

We always knew the races started when the ship’s colorful spinnakers unfurled to catch the wind.

Having grown up and moved away, I look forward to coming home every spring to see those colorful spinnakers again."

The painterly depiction of the sky, water and sailboats above stands out among the thousands of nautical designs on fabric websites, Instagram and Google Image searches I considered to depict sailing and Annapolis.

The print reminds me of the work of America's most iconic sports expressionist artist, LeRoy Neiman.

My entire childhood I was surrounded by Neiman prints in my parents' house and now the print below of the 1977 America's Cup in Newport, Rhode Island hangs in mine. 

However, the experience of growing up in Annapolis and watching the Wednesday Night Races is my fraternity brother, Alex Kyle's.

Last June was my first time in Annapolis when Alex and I shot the video below with an iPhone and gimbal (and boat, courtesy of Grandpa Kyle).

Even though this was not my experience, I chose to depict the Wednesday Night Races first because I love the print and I think it looks awesome on a button down.

Alex's story showcases how well the design depicts the iconic Wednesday Night Races in the Annapolis Harbor and the charm of the Chesapeake Bay.

This is no surprise since the artist, Deirdre Tanton is an Annapolis native.

Whether you are familiar with the Wednesday Night Races, Annapolis and sailing or not, I hope you enjoy the stories and art behind our button downs.

-Matt Bartini

Founder of Mayor

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