What are you wearing? 👕 👔

What are you wearing? 👕 👔

January 09, 2019

You are about to read a post from someone whose favorite t-shirt is from the 2008 Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour.

What is your favorite t-shirt?

You go out of your way to do laundry for this t-shirt. You’re careful not to spill (too much) beer on it. You double-check your suitcase for it before and after every trip.

I bet it’s comfortable, fits well and means something to you personally.

Let’s focus on that last part – your favorite t-shirt means something to you personally. When did you get it? Where did you get it? Who were you with?

I bet it’s from a memorable experience. That Kanye concert where he played every song from Graduation, that golf trip to Cashiers you broke 80, the spring you coached a youth baseball team to a league championship.

You think about this memorable experience when you wear it. Strangers ask you about the t-shirt. You tell them about your experience. Maybe you won’t shut up about it. 

You ARE the Mayor!

BUT you probably don’t wear this t-shirt (unironically) to a cocktail party so…

What is your nicest shirt?

The shirt you actually get dry cleaned (almost) every time for your next wedding, holiday party, or fancy dinner.

I bet it’s comfortable, fits well and is…white or blue.

No one asks you about this shirt.

I’m Matt Bartini, founder of Mayor.

I started Mayor to help you celebrate your experiences, dapperly. You already celebrate your memorable experiences and you are already a dapper fella.

Our new Mayor button downs help you celebrate your experiences dapperly.

Thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy day to learn more about Mayor.


Matt Bartini

Founder of Mayor

P.S. I’ve still got that Kanye Graduation shirt!

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