The Mayor story 📖

The Mayor story 📖

January 09, 2019

Welcome to Mayor where we celebrate your experiences, dapperly.

You are a Mayor.

You love art that reminds you of your favorite experiences.

You are a storyteller. Your stories define iconic locales, special events and culture.

You are always dapper.

Be the Mayor.



The origin of our first design, “Wednesday Night Races” is springtime on a bluff overlooking the Severn River in Annapolis, Maryland.

Deirdre depicts the Annapolis Yacht Club’s famous yacht races, a tradition dating back to the 1960s.

The challenge is to capture the event for those who attend every spring, as well as for those who have never seen a yacht race.

We took our photos and memories of this experience and received an extraordinary piece of art that captures the spirit of the event.

The Mayor button down is the perfect medium to celebrate your experiences, dapperly.

We were inspired by the original Aloha shirts, what Hawaiians call Hawaiian shirts, which paint a vivid picture of Hawaii and the remote Pacific island’s unique culture.

Our aim is to create wearable art on dapper clothing by emulating their storytelling, level of detail and artistic quality and apply it to your experiences.

Mayor button downs are handcrafted in Mississippi with breathable organic cotton fabric to provide you with a comfortable fit in every stitch.

Enjoy wearing one to your next graduation party, wedding brunch or a relaxing afternoon by the pool.

-Matt Bartini

Founder of Mayor


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