Mayor Clothing

Mayor clothing is your stories illustrated by local artists on upscale garments for every season’s social occasions.

Our mission is for you to be the Mayor.

Being the Mayor is living your stories.

We listen to your stories about being the Mayor. 

We collaborate with local artists to illustrate your stories authentically.

We adapt their artwork to your favorite upscale garments.

You share your stories celebrating every season’s social occasions in Mayor clothing.

Be the Mayor.

The four parts of Mayor clothing are story, artist, artwork and clothing. 

1. Story

We listen closely to your stories about being the Mayor.

Stories about doing what you love with the people you love in the places you love.

Your cherished memories, recurring experiences and anticipated adventures define you and inspire Mayor clothing.

Memorialize your first horse race, enhance your annual ski trip and envision your wedding weekend.

We research the intimate details of your story like the specific wildlife on Sea Island, tugboats on the Savannah River and route to Sanford Stadium through downtown Athens on gameday.

We love to create Mayor clothing with your stories about weddings, sporting events, alumni functions, fraternity and sorority events, bachelor and bachelorette parties, once-in-a-lifetime events, concerts, graduations, corporate retreats, charity events, team sports, athletic competitions, tailgates, family reunions, Spring breaks, holiday weekends, bar crawls, day parties, wilderness adventures, school events, annual trips, road trips, family vacations, galas, balls, soirees, weekend getaways and many more.

2. Artist

We collaborate with the perfect local artist to illustrate your story authentically.

Your local artist is familiar with the intimate details of your story.

Your story is their story.

We collaborated with local Atlanta artist Erin Tapp to illustrate your afternoons on Atlanta’s Eastside BeltLine, local ski and snowboard artist Pete Caswell to illustrate your ski trip and local gesture drawing artist Angela Stevens to illustrate your day at the races.

3. Artwork

Your local artist creates visual artwork like illustrations, paintings, sketches and drawings to illustrate your story.

Their artwork is created for you.

They choose specific styles, colors and motifs like digitally drawn regalia, orange and white scenes of Clemson on gameday to release the emotions of your story with unparalleled detail, as if you are there, in the story:

Witnessing the sea of red and black tailgating and bar-hopping throughout historic downtown Athens every Saturday in the fall.

Tasting the pulled pork sandwiches, chicken and waffle sliders with maple syrup, fried chicken, grilled sausage, vinegar-based coleslaw, baked beans, all in bread, white chili and pimento cheese cookies, candied bacon Bloody Mary’s, mimosas and sweet tea of Clemson on gameday.

Breathing in the scent of wood-burning fireplaces in Stowe’s cool mountain air every winter.

Listening to the calming sounds of water in Savannah’s Forsyth Park Fountain as street musicians play nearby.

Feeling the rhythmic movements of the skis beneath your feet carving the fresh snow below as you race down the mountain on your annual ski trip out west.

4. Clothing

We adapt your local artist’s artwork to your favorite types of upscale garments like button-downs, quarter-zips and crewneck sweaters. 

Our textile design team integrates the artwork with the garment type, as in all-over patterns repeating on button-downs and full-scale artwork on the back of crewneck sweaters.

They modify the artwork’s spacing, color and size subtly but distinctively to preserve the artistic vision of your story and complement your wardrobe.

Artwork is close together on Hamptons Golf, spaced out on Racing Down the Mountain, multi-colored on Wednesday Night Races, two-toned on The Vineyard, large on Tigertown and small on Sea Island.

The details of the artwork stay printed clearly on the highest quality fabric for taking color, like 100% Tencel for short-sleeve button-downs.

Mayor clothing is always comfortable, long-lasting and perfectly fitting.

We partner with the choice mills for upscale garments to construct your Mayor button-downs, Mayor quarter-zips and Mayor crewneck sweaters with remarkable craftsmanship.

5. Social Occasions

You share your stories celebrating every season’s formal, casual and active social occasions in Mayor clothing.

Outside or indoors, Mayor clothing is wearable artwork, recognizable from a distance and admired up close, like a painting in your local art gallery.

Share your stories with family, old friends and new, listen to their stories and live new stories.

Be the Mayor tailgating with the Clemson family in Tigertown, skiing and snowboarding with friends around the world and brunching with fellow wedding guests in Charleston.

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How Artists Collaborate with Mayor
How Artists Collaborate with Mayor

Artists can offer their artwork on Mayor clothing as they would any other product...
Mayor Clothing Size Guide

Mayor clothing is breathable, drapes softly over your body in a flattering silhouette and comfortably fits true to size.

Feel the perfect fit of Mayor’s classic clothing designs by following our simple size guides below:

Mayor Button-Down
Neck Chest Waist
X-Small 14-15.5" 36-38" 26-30"
Small 15.5-16" 38-40" 29-33"
Medium 16-16.5" 40-42" 31-35"
Large 16.5-17" 42-44" 33-36"
X-Large 17-18.5" 44-46" 35-38"
XX-Large 18.5-19" 46-48" 38-42"
Mayor Polo
Neck Chest Waist Sleeve Sleeve Length Polo Length
Small 14.5-15" 37-39" 29-32" 33-34" 8.5" 29"
Medium 15.5-16" 40-42" 33-35" 34-35" 9" 30"
Large 16.5-17" 43-45" 36-38" 35-36" 9.5" 31.25"
X-Large 17.5-18" 46-48" 39-42" 36-37" 10" 32.5"
XX-Large 18.5-19" 49-52" 43-45" 37-38" 10.5" 32.5"
Mayor Quarter-Zip


Mayor Crewneck Sweater by Comfort Colors®
Chest Body Length Body Width
Small 34-36" 27.5" 22"
Medium 38-40" 28.5" 23.5"
Large 42-44" 29.5" 25"
X-Large 46-48" 30.5" 26.5"
XX-Large 50-52" 31.5" 28"
XXX-Large 54-56" 32.5" 29.5"