How Artists Collaborate with Mayor

How Artists Collaborate with Mayor

Artists can offer their artwork on Mayor clothing to their clients as they would any other product (e.g. prints, stationary, calendars, phone cases, other garments, etc.). Our collaboration process to adapt your artwork to upscale clothing is simple and efficient.

Can you walk me through an example of how this works? Yes! Let's say you are creating custom artwork for a client's wedding stationery (invitation, map, menu, etc.). The bride and groom seek you out because your custom artwork is beautiful, unique and personal to them. Their guests will admire the beauty, specificity and personal touch of your artwork. You can then present Mayor clothing as a way to preserve your custom artwork on an upscale garment for their special event. Your custom artwork on a long-lasting and upscale garment will remind the bride, groom, and guests of an unforgettable wedding weekend every time they wear it!

What marketing materials does Mayor provide artists to present to clients? We provide you a sample of our work to present to clients. We are also working on a guide that explains our entire process with an example from a wedding in Sea Island, Georgia (including pictures!).

What do artists need to provide Mayor? All you need to provide Mayor is the digital art file and we can take it from there! Photoshop and Illustrator work best, but we can also work with PNG and JPEG picture files.

What is the timeline from inception to delivery?

  • Step 1 (1-3 business days): If your client expresses interest, then we can all meet to discuss the process (e.g. timing, logistics, pricing) and I can answer any of their questions. 
  • Step 2 (1-3 business days): Our textile design team will mock-up your artwork for a particular garment (e.g. button-down, quarter-zip, performance polo) by modifying its size, spacing, and color (without comprising your artistic vision).
  • Step 3 (1-3 business days): I will then present the mock-up to you and your client (if it is for a wedding, special event or other custom project) and provide a cost estimate. At this time, we will discuss any adjustments with the artwork and/or garment. 
  • Step 4 (5-10 business days): Our manufacturing team will send you a sample garment, which we can review and adjust, if necessary.
  • Step 5 (4-8 weeks): Once the deposit is received and the order is placed, we will go into production, pay you your royalty, provide weekly updates, then ship directly to you or your client!

What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)? This process works best for orders in bulk for weddings, special events or other custom projects (50-100+ garments). However, we can accommodate smaller orders (e.g. 10-20 groomsman/bridesmaid gifts, party favors or smaller projects in general).

What clothing products does Mayor currently offer artist’s artwork on? Currently, Mayor offers your artwork on button-downs, quarter-zips, performance polos and crewneck sweaters.

Can Mayor adapt artist’s artwork to other products? Yes, please ask! Our process works for many upscale clothing products and accessories (e.g. women’s scarves as a bridesmaid gift, tea towels as a party favor, etc.).

How much is the compensation for artists? Mayor pays artists $4 per garment produced for non-exclusive licensing rights so you 100% own your work and can do whatever you want with it. We will pay you 100% up-front with the client's deposit. For the Sea Island wedding, we made 103 button-downs and paid the artist $412. For a smaller project (less than 50 garments), Mayor pays a minimum of $200 to the artist.

What is Mayor’s contact information? Please email the Owner of Mayor, Matt Bartini at for more information. I want to make sure I answer all of your questions. I am always available for a call if that is easier for you.

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