Local South Carolina Artist Helen Fallaw

Local South Carolina Artist Helen Fallaw

“Come quickly. Have found heaven.” 

Upon first experiencing the heaven of South Carolina, the artist Alfred Hutty immediately sent a poignant telegram (1900s text message) to his wife.

From King Street in Charleston to Death Valley in Clemson, you know South Carolina is heaven. Like Mr. Hutty, you too share this sentiment with family and friends (perhaps on Instagram instead of telegram).

Like you, local South Carolina artist Helen Fallaw shares this sentiment too: “I love my home state of South Carolina.”

Born, raised and residing in South Carolina, Helen has spent her life in the heaven of South Carolina. Her artwork is inspired by the beauty, history, and nature of her home state. Helen shares her love for South Carolina with you by applying her South Carolina-inspired artwork to textile design.

Helen illustrated your Clemson game day stories for Mayor’s new Tigertown Tailgate quarter-zip. Helen’s wearable artwork radiates the essence of Clemson game days wherever you wear it.

In a series of digital ink pen drawings, Helen chose a bold style for the regalia sky, white brush strokes and orange trim (like the stripes of a tiger) of the Clemson game days you love to release the emotions of your story with unparalleled detail, as if you, the Mayor of Clemson, are there, in the story: 

Tailgating all day with the Clemson family that taught you the only game on the schedule that really matters is the Palmetto Bowl.

Shaking the Southland with eighty-one thousand class rings raised high upon circling fists en route to yet another win in Death Valley.

Racing to the bars downtown to join in the massive celebration and returning to the tailgate well after the fireworks finish with your old college crew for another few hours of behaving like twenty-year-olds.

Experience Mayor’s Tigertown Tailgate Polo, Button-Down & Quarter-Zip


Helen also illustrated your Charleston stories for Mayor’s new Charleston Lowcountry button-down. Helen’s wearable artwork radiates the essence of Charleston wherever you wear it.

In a series hand-painted and digitally edited drawings, Helen chose a colorful style for the area’s various landmarks on Rainbow Row blue of the Charleston you love to release the emotions of your story with unparalleled detail, as if you, the Mayor of Charleston, are there, in the story: 

Wandering south on King Street, guided by many a church steeple to the tip of the city, the Battery, and returning home in 18th-century style by means of horse & buggy, riding past the tourists at Rainbow Row and the Waterfront Park’s Pineapple Fountain along the way. 

Boating through every inch of the lowcountry—the creeks, rivers, bays and open ocean—from Boone Hall, under the Ravenel Bridge, past Fort Sumter, all the way out to the Morris Island Lighthouse and back to the dock for sunset on the marsh. 

Post-wedding brunching on fresh seafood by the market, clad in seersucker and regaling fellow wedding guests with tales of lost balls (by you) and low scores (by the groom) at Kiawah’s Ocean Course and Isle of Palms’ Wild Dunes earlier that week.

Experience Mayor’s Charleston Lowcountry Button-Down


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